COST Accountant works to satisfy the increasing needs of domestic and international businesses.

We are a team of dedicated business experts specialising in management, promotion, marketing, accounting, advertising, and other business-related spheres. The goal of COST Accountant is to improve the success of our clients’ businesses and offer affordable services.

December 1996

We Gathered the Team of Dedicated and Knowledgeable Business Specialists

COST Accountant was founded in 1995 as an organization of talented managers, promoters, accountants, and marketers. Since then, we have been providing our services to an increasing amount of customers worldwide including international corporations and small local businesses.
December 1996
March 2004

We Opened Several Offices in Florida and Georgia To Provide High-Quality Accounting Services

Thanks to our rapid development, in 2007 we managed to open new offices in other states of the USA, including Georgia and Florida. We have also increased the level of our customer service and introduced new services such as copywriting, web design, and SMM.
March 2004
April 2010

We Started to Cooperate with Marketing Agencies Overseas to Provide Better Services

To improve the way we provide services to our clients we decided to start long-term cooperation with our European and Asian partners. It helped us to integrate our services and business solutions into the production cycle of many European companies and enterprises.
April 2010
May 2021

We Develop New Solutions for Our Clients to Improve Their Business Strategies

As of today, our main goal and priority is to Introduce new business, marketing, promotion, design, and customer support solutions. All of them are based on cutting-edge technologies and innovations that bring us as well as our partners and clients much profit and success.
May 2021

Who We Are

Jean Thompson

PR Manager
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Brian Payne

Marketing Expert
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Nathan Porter

CEO, Founder

Marie Fernandez

Marketing Manager

Sam Williams


Bruce Wilson


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